Whether it’s your first time on a skateboard, or you’re trying to push your skating to the next level, Neal Mims can guide you on your journey and get you skating better than ever.

With over 40 years of experience, 15 years skating professionally, 10 years judging pro contests, and 15 years coaching beginners & world class professional skateboarders alike, Neal Mims has a unique approach to the mindset required to have fun while learning & achieving skateboarding goals.

For beginners, the key is keeping it FUN. Skateboarding is not a skill picked up in an afternoon, it takes time (and many bumps and bruises) to get comfortable with the basics, like standing, pushing, and turning. Neal will help guide you through the basic fundamentals needed to take your skating to the next level.

For intermediate skaters, Neal’s deep knowledge of tricks and technique can aid with progression and taking your skating to that next-level. When it comes to competitive skating, Neal will apply his judging experience to help skaters understand competition format, trick development, competitive mindset, and strategy.

To perform at the highest level, it takes more than talent and technique. It takes strong mental fortitude and one hell of a work ethic. For these skaters, Neal provides insight into the mindset of overcoming fear and executing when the stakes are highest.


Neal Mims’ revolutionary skateboarding curriculum has been used to help aspiring young athletes grow into Olympic Medalists. With an “Attitude is Everything” mindset, along with keeping it FUN while learning, Neal Mims Coaching gives skateboarders a broad foundation of well-rounded skills, on and off the board, to help them cultivate their individual skateboarding skills and careers. Neal Mims coaching techniques are based on each individual skater’s style and mindset, building trust and confidence to reach their full potential.

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Level 1: Beginner Basics – Ages 3-6

At level 1, students will spend much of the class on their boards. Level 1 focuses on board awareness, balance, and getting comfortable with rolling. Skaters will be introduced to the concepts of pushing and rolling, knee slides and rolling down slight inclines.

Level 2: Beginner – Ages 5-8

Level 2 expands on student’s board awareness and introduces the concepts of board control. This class introduces students to fundamental skills like turning, kick-turns, drop-ins, pumping, and increases proficiency in pushing.

Level 3: Intermediate Basics – Ages 6-11

Level 3 sessions will focus on introducing students to a greater variety of skills on every type of skate structure. Students will be dropping off curbs, learning to Ollie, doing kick turns (frontside and backside), skating switch, and learning how to balance on rails.

Level 4: Intermediate – Ages 7-12

Level 4 skaters will be introduced to lip tricks, air tricks and increased board awareness. In addition to the increased trick list, skaters will perform advanced repetition training to build muscle memory and confidence.

Level 5: Advanced – Ages 8-15

Level 5 students will begin the process of putting lines together with multiple trick combinations. Students will also be introduced to advanced level tricks on all obstacles including proper late grab airs on vert, flip tricks, and spin tricks.

Level 6: Top AM/Pro – Ages 12+

Level 6 Students start on an intensive training program designed to get them ready for the pro ranks. Level 6 is what the skateboard world currently considers “sponsored amateur”. NMC will provide top-level training for the world’s “top am” looking to make the jump to pro. Training will include complex contest strategy, athletic conditioning, nutrition, and sports psychology. Students will learn a real understanding of what it takes to make it as one of the world’s top AM’s.